EXPO CHICAGO’s Year 7 is Heaven for Contemporary Art Lovers

All of this adds up to Chicago standing squarely at the forefront of the intellectual modern art scene, according to Jennifer Siegenthaler, program director, education grants and initiatives, Terra Foundation for American Art. “Other cities might have a conference or a museum symposium whereas Chicago’s fair … has become a breeding ground for new ideas in contemporary art.”

Make It Better: 14 Chicago and North Shore Food Trucks for Every Type of Craving

In 2012, the food truck industry made $650 million and, at the time, was projected to make $2.7 billion in 2017. “Just like people don’t want to go to stores anymore and want to buy everything on the internet, that is the wave of the future for restaurants, too,” says Ricky Raschillo of Glencoe, chef/owner of Valor and Culinary Gangster, an epicurean food truck that is garnering a paparazzi following on its own.

22nd Century Media, Northbrook Tower: World-premiere exhibit at Illinois Holocaust Museum features Northbrook resident

This week, with the opening of IHMEC’s  newest exhibit, “Stories of Survival: Object-Image-Memory,” — an exhibit showcasing moving stories of Chicagoland survivors of the holocaust and other genocides told through personal belongings —  visitors have an opportunity to imagine what those anxious times might have been like through the eyes of a child. 

Chicago Tribune: Local clothing company makes helping homeless a central part of business

“We want to have businesses rethink the way that they donate,” said Husar. “Not just donate for the sake of donating but donate in a way that actually helps people,” Ernst Berlin, co-founder Lost Format.